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One more thread about double casting

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This have been discussed like 20 times already during like 2 years at least, but still, there is no good solution for this, as far as i know.

So the problem is, wrobot will cast spell with the cast time twice in a row sometimes (Very often, to be fair).

Base example, if have condition like:

if (Target.HealthPercent <= 60)

There is prety high chance that when Target will reach 60% hp that's what will happen:
1) You will start to cast Healing Spell
2) You will heal the target to 100% health
3) While target is at 100% health you will start to cast the same Healing spell again, that will be just a mana waste.

And there is no way to really fix it "normal way", without adding enormous delays in your rotation. Atleast i can't.

Maybe i'm wrong, feel free to point me at right code direction ?

So my proposition is, maybe, we can have some way to preven spell to be casted 2 times in a row with the .lauch(parameter) method?

Something like: "If SpellName have been casted successful, then prevent SpellName to be casted for N ms".

Thank you.


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