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Grizzly Solstice Profile Question


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hey, I was using this Grizzly Solstice Profile today and I was away like for one or two hours. I came back and I found my toon stucking in Dragonblight in the wyrmtemple dead flying to the roof of the temple... his corpse was outside a bit left of the temple... I have no idea how and why he was there cos the grind spot is totaly anywhere else... any ideas?

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ok I just had the same weird behavior with another profile... I dont know what happened but I am far away from my profile nodes (even another area)...


Here that log for that:

[F] 18:17:50 - Cast Revealing Strike (Revealing Strike)
[F] 18:17:51 - Cast Revealing Strike (Revealing Strike)
[F] 18:17:52 - Cast Sinister Strike (Sinister Strike)
[F] 18:17:54 - Cast Sinister Strike (Sinister Strike)
18:17:56 - Player Attacked by Charged Sentry Totem (lvl 74)
18:17:57 - Loot Lightning Sentry
[N] 18:17:57 - Path Count: 2
18:17:59 - Go to vendor
18:17:59 - Mounting fly mount Swift Purple Wind Rider
[N] 18:18:02 - Long Move distance: 613,9102
18:18:26 - Vendor named Litoko Icetotem
[N] 18:18:28 - Path Count: 2
18:18:29 - Repair items
18:18:35 - Sell items
18:18:39 - Go to vendor
[N] 18:18:39 - Long Move distance: 41,8684
[N] 18:18:44 - Think we are stuck
[N] 18:18:44 - Trying something funny, hang on
[N] 18:18:46 - Think we are stuck
[N] 18:18:46 - Trying something funny, hang on
[D] 18:18:49 - UnStuck() started.
[D] 18:18:49 - Flying UnStuck - Statistics.Stucks updated, new value: 10.
[D] 18:18:50 - Flying UnStuck - lastPost = 3875,147 ; -4545,16 ; 246,6559 ; "Flying"
[D] 18:18:52 - UnStuckFly() done.
[N] 18:18:52 - Waypoint timed out
18:18:57 - Vendor named Aiyan Coldwind
[N] 18:18:59 - Path Count: 2
[N] 18:19:00 - Think we are stuck
[N] 18:19:00 - Trying something funny, hang on
[N] 18:19:04 - Think we are stuck
[N] 18:19:04 - Trying something funny, hang on
18:19:05 - Unable to reach the vendor
18:19:05 - Go to mailbox
[N] 18:19:05 - Path Count: 155
[N] 18:19:08 - Think we are stuck
[N] 18:19:08 - Trying something funny, hang on
[N] 18:19:09 - Think we are stuck
[N] 18:19:09 - Trying something funny, hang on
[D] 18:19:12 - UnStuck() started.
[D] 18:19:12 - Flying UnStuck - Statistics.Stucks updated, new value: 11.
[D] 18:19:13 - Flying UnStuck - lastPost = 3874,381 ; -4548,219 ; 244,5482 ; "Flying"
[D] 18:19:15 - UnStuckFly() done.
[N] 18:19:15 - Waypoint timed out
[N] 18:19:16 - Path Count: 155
[N] 18:19:17 - Think we are stuck
[N] 18:19:17 - Trying something funny, hang on
[N] 18:19:32 - Think we are stuck
[N] 18:19:32 - Trying something funny, hang on
18:20:20 - MailBox not found
18:20:26 - This mount does not exist: Swift Purple Wind Rider
18:20:40 - Relog Player
19:19:06 - Stop Grinder Complete

And here that profile I was running attached...



Edit: ok now I could see why he was doing that... he tries to get to the vendor with that flying mount and somehow he thinks the entry is on the roof and tries to get into the little hut a cpl times until he gives up and flies to another vendor who I actualy dont have added to that profile... whyever... so he flies a long way to that next vendor over the pather system and then he is not able to finde back to the start node of the profile... so I guess turning off Flying mount will fix that issue...  I gonna try this out!

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If this NPC is not in your profil try to clean your npc database (close wrobot and remove file NpcDB.xml (in WRobot\Data)).
If npc is in your profile, change position of the NPC (outdoor) (and clean db).
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