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dont get cheap shot or shadow step working


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hey, iam trying on a rogue combat profile..


1. poisons

2. stealth

3. cheap shot

4. dmg


my log says: [D] 10:17:43 - Cheap Shot - NeedToRun = False - condition


cant find this condition?! what is this?

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I've given up after 3 hours testing this simple combat rotation... it just wont make simple conditions like, go in stelth once per enemy (he goes in stealth after loot, cos he retargeted the corpse, target health condition not working here either) or just if target distance is less than 10m. I put a target distance of 2m on cheap shot as well and he still tries to perform that cast from longer distances... If u want user like me to put some effort in this, than please do some work and explain the howto's a bit more in detail! Thx

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@da8ball thx, I gonna give those a view and try to figure out whats happening... the thing is, I am quite confident with all this stuff, have got a lot of experience with pirox etc. and I am also confident with programming mechanics cos I study IT and am used to program with c# and c++ so I am not the dumb usr who just trying a bunch of stuff with no clue, its just seems a lot doesnt simply work as I understand for what some conditions are supposed to... Dunno...


@Droidz, I will try this, too! I dont understand for what I should read that link for shadow priest tho... or do u just mean how to get the right spell ids?


so far... till l8er

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ok this stealth is working now, cheap shot works, too(without changing spellname), Just sometimes when the target is moving away than he just cant reach it, even with that target distance < 5 condition on it.


This ambush is still not working, even if I am behind the target and with c# code...


One issue that is really annoying sometimes, if the fight is finished and he loots, hes going into stealth right after looting and then mounts up. I can only explain it myself that with that loot it retargets the corpse and it want to stealth cos the bot thinks its a new target. I tried to put the condition on stealth that target health is not equal 0, but doesnt work. Any idea?

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