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when bot is going repairing and vendor is in a house why bot doesnt demount  and  goes into the house. Perpaps its a small house in winterspring.
Bot tries to fly into the house from vendor but after a few seconds of time he canceled.
What can i do?
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Your information dont solve the problem.


Problem in winterspring bot doesnt demount and go to vendor for repairing.

Bot wants to fly in the house to the vendor.


Profil fpr Grinding:

- Vendor/Repair set in profil

- mailbox set in profil


and sometimes i see that the bot with full bags doesnt go to town.

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You need to put position of vendor at outdoor.
WRobot go to position declared in your profile (now outdoor) with flying mount > Search vendor > Go to vendor (indoor) with ground path.
(don't forget to clean npc database (NPC DB tools)).
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