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Pooling Energy


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As the topic says.


I'm working on a sub profile that will be capable of getting top 20 ranks given the correct scenario. I'm basing it around in depth knowledge and tried and tested ideas put into a favourite PQR profile of mine.


The problem arises when I use Shadow Dance.


Now I get there's a condition for 'Energy' and you can set that at say 'bigger than 64' but this results in the ability only being used on the pull since unless your rogue specifically pools energy (lets it build up over time) you'll never have enough to warrant using Shadow Dance. Same goes for Vanish etc. What needs to happen is that once Shadow Dance / Vanish are ready to use / off cd again the profile needs to let the energy get to whatever value you set in order to use those abilities as priority.


Is there any way of doing this?


Also when using Shadow Dance and/or Vanish they refuse to work if I set 'is spell usable' to 'Premeditation' and set it as true. The idea being it won't use dance or vanish without premed being available. I've used similar conditions with other spells just fine so I'm not sure why that doesn't work. Perhaps it's because the ability is only available in stealth or something, no idea.

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My Idea (i dont play Sub)


1. Shadow Dance with a high priority (high in the list)

2. Energy not as option. Shadow Dance remain 8 sec, so it should take long enough to build enough energy for the next spell

3. Check if Spell is availaby.

4. cast.

5. optional you can use it only in PvP


6. Set "Buff: Shadow Dance" option for the next spell you want to use after shadow step

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That won't work because shadow dance is a 1 min cd (40 sec with hc wf assurance) and between the next one you're doing your normal rotation which keeps your energy really low.


The only other thing I can think of would be to enable a pause function via keybind somehow that you can hold manually and then release over a certain energy value.


Thanks for the replies anyhow.

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Because of the cd you have to check, if the Spell is Useable.


Its not able to do a pause. And the energy could be low. Shadow Dance dont need energy. Which is the next spell do you want cast after shadow dance is activated ?


Dont think linear. wrobot use the spells depends on its Priority and the conditions you set. So, after shadow dance you could forbit some spells with "Buff: Shadow Dance = false", you can have spells that you needed in shadow dance and without (dont use Buff-Condition) and you have spells that you only want cast after Shadow  Dance (Condition  "Buff: Shadow Dance = true")


You can also use the same spell more then once, if you have more conditions. i.e.


Blade Flurry off if only one target

Blade Flurry on if target >1 and <=7

Bladeflurry off if target >=8 (to save energy for Fan of knives and Crimson)


in this case you need 3x the same spell with different conditions, because wrobot can't handle OR-operations

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I'm not thinking linear. You don't understand what I mean.


I already have multiple abilities for repeat operations and I already have hemorrhage / backstab set to not be used during Shadow Dance.


Shadow Dance doesn't 'NEED' energy to use but is a waste of time to use if you have anywhere less than 75 energy because you cannot use as many Ambush during it. Shadow Dance lasts for 8 seconds and Ambush costs 60 energy, so you waste about 3 seconds and anywhere up to 2 Ambush by using it with lower energy.


I already have most of it working it's just when Shadow Dance is ready to use and off cd it needs to wait for 75 energy or it's a waste of time using it and I have no idea how to make it do that atm.

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Do you think you could it handle without waits if you are playing without a bot ?


You have to wait before you use Shadow Dance for the energy (you coudn't realise this with a bot. WoW doesnt have a wait spell). Or you use Killing Spree before Shadow Dance to save/get Energie (this could be done by the bot.


Or you use Shadow Dance, Ambush, Killing Spree (don't know if this work) and Ambush again to get the missing energy. As Rogue there are not really much spells, that dont use energy.

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wrobot can only do, what you can do in game too (without wait).


But I have another Idea:


Disable all instant spells that costs energy, if Shadow Dance is available. Maybe combined with Combat readiness, Adrenalin Rush, and Shadow Blades (only once a time) you couldt get, what you want.

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