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  1. Kickbot

    Also discussed here (maybe it helps):
  2. Add Spell - Is Lua Script

    Dont use global variables in LUA. Put a "local" in front of every new Variable ! Example:
  3. Druids Broken

    That a bug in your fightclass.
  4. [Paid] Leveling fightclass pack - by Arcangelo+Eeny

    I hope, you did not reuse one of my fightclasses. They work at low levels and the are free and not for resale !!!
  5. Checking if unit is hostile

    In my profile I don't check "hostily", I check if "not friendly" thats a different. And npc's wouldn't attack if UnitExists("target") and not UnitIsFriend("player", "target") then ... end Its LUA, but I think, there is an option in C# also
  6. Why doesn't wRotation use everything?

    No, I've tested it and play it in wrotation at the moment and it works fine. the only things that I enabled are the options --startattack --breack Stealth --range fight. Did you play on an official Server ? Did this happend on free area or in a special situation ? In Groups (mainly Raids) It wasn't a good idea to start the fight bevor the tank pulled. so I prevent this by checking if you are in a group and if so, the attacking start after the tank started. I've you are outside a dungeon/raid and in a group without akting as a group you can get a problem, if the mobs dont attack you first. If you be attacked, the rotation starts. There is no reason why only kick and a few spells will work. btw. be sure that you are near enough.
  7. Why doesn't wRotation use everything?

    [FightClass] Launch LUA script: --startattack [Spell] Cast Durchstoßen (Run Through) [FightClass] Launch LUA script: --Marked for Death [Spell] Cast Pistolenschuss (Pistol Shot) [Spell] Cast (onself) Blutrote Phiole (Crimson Vial) [Spell] Cast Säbelhieb (Saber Slash) --Break Stealth: True --range fight: true --startattack: true (default) Worked for me fine.
  8. Why doesn't wRotation use everything?

    Ahh, other possibility: You are sure, your rogue where outlaw while you tested the profile in wrotation ?
  9. Why doesn't wRotation use everything?

    It's works conserative. If you are in group it attacks only, if you are being attacked or the Mob has not full health (someone attacked first). You can prevent this, if you enable stealth and Break Stealth. In this case it will attack in steals and start the normal rotation. Maybe there was also a change in 7.1 . I will have a look on this.
  10. Fight Class Questions

    Hey @MrBottie, whats about your ultimate outlaw rogue profile ? I want to see/test it. It's 3 weeks ago !
  11. Rogue - Assasin 1.2 [BR]

    Yes. the Mutilate range will not be correct returned. download 1.2. I've fixed it.
  12. Counting Imps [Demonology Warlock]

    The only way I found is to count it via event...but there is no real event handling in wrobot.
  13. Mage - Fire 1.1 [BR]

    Ice Block has a Bug. Remove the lua condition in the fightclass and it works well. Rune, combustion, Rune should work. I will have a look on this. I use the recommendations of icy veins and it has worked Well. Maybe a condition wasnt given.
  14. Bot hält anderen spieler für gegner

    hmm, maybe the Player was pvp flaged. take a look in the logfile. There you can see how long the bot tried the attack. Maybe he tries not attack the player but the pet.. As I remember, there was a Bug in a early version of wrobot, that it tries to attack the pets of players. Did you play on a private server ?
  15. Bot hält anderen spieler für gegner

    pvp-server ?