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  1. TNRakkGamer

    advice with battlechest accounts

    I have been trying to figure out the same thing.
  2. TNRakkGamer

    Party Bot Setup

    Hey guys. Can anyone give me a quick run down of how to setup the party bot? I am just looking to level some RaF'd toons. Thanks.
  3. TNRakkGamer


    Hey guys. I am trying to make a wrotation for my Rogue. All I want it to is kick or focus kick channel spells as early as possible or cast spells at like 90%... Any advice?
  4. TNRakkGamer

    Ceremonial Drums

    I am trying to get the Ceremonial Drums quest to work, it is the very next quest after my Highmountain profile I uploaded. It requires you loot 4 Large Drums, 4 Medium Drums and then Kill and Loot 4 Small Drums. The Drums are scattered ALL OVER Thunder Totem so to best try to get them all I decided to break the Large and Medium drums down into 8 seperate "quest" so that the bot would run to one, loot it, run to the next, loot it, etc. The problem I am having is that after looting the very first drum, it just stands there and never moves onto the next step. I changed my objective count to 1 respectively and it did not change the behavior any. Any ideas? EDIT: I tried doing Large and medium drums in a single gatherer but the elevator was kicking my butt. I would gather the 3 drums downstairs, run over to the elevator like I was going to ride it up, but its like it doesnt recognize there is an elevator so it jumps around and misses it everytime, causing a loop downstairs and ultimately failing miserably. EDIT: I went ahead and added the profile as it is very short. You can see in the Quest Editor where I added a step for each drum. I removed them in the quest order editor as I was trying to different method. If anyone is able to take a look at this and offer a resolution I would greatly appreciate it! HighmountainStep80.xml
  5. TNRakkGamer

    Player Near Node

    Hey there. I am trying to do the quest in Highmountain to gather the Drums. The problem is, it is a gather quest and it keeps stopping due to "players near the node" is there a Runcode I can put before and after my quest to stop checking this, then start back checking it after I have turned in the drum quest? I am sure that is all I need to do, I just dont know what the RunCode would need to be. Thank you in advance!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hello all. I have decided to go ahead and share what I have for my Highmountain quester. This will get you through the first 80 steps in Zygors addon (about 30% of the zone) The first step is picking up 'The Rivermane Tribe' so you will have needed to chose Highmountain and taken the quest to fly there, after you land, you should be good to hit start. There are a few portions of this profile that may need some babysitting (kicking fish into the water for instance) When kicking fish I could not find a way to make him aim at the river so I punted a few into rocks and whatnot but I feel this is kind of inline with what a noob may do, so maybe its NBD... There are some portions that I just could not figure out on my first run through. The 'Spray And Prey' quest I never got working properly so you may wanna pause and coax the bot there... Everything else seemed to go pretty good until the VERY end, when you have to go speak to the Spiritwalker and do the scenario when you control the Tauren. I have added all the quest in this scenario, as well as the NPC that gives/receives it I did not know how to get to this to work @ all. Does it require a new FightClass? So, I am starting a new profile now that will be step 81 onward until I hit what I feel is another good stopping point then I will share that profile here too If anyone who knows a little bit more about the bot than I do after a week... would like to give it a shot and perhaps try to fix the "Spray and Prey" and "Huln's War" quest I think this will be a pretty solid start to a Highmountain Profile.
  7. TNRakkGamer

    Click button to use a item/spell

    Hey @Droidz, I am having a similar issue, where in the quester document does the "full LUA code" go? Is it possible for you to add the code to Eenys provided script that would make it work? Then I could just open it and see. That would be great!
  8. TNRakkGamer

    It's getting deep!

    Hey guys! I am trying very hard to get a Quester Profile that handles "The Fallen Star" chain. I think I have got the whole, fly to Suramar and swim around and kill the big baddie figured out but now I am running into some trouble with the Exodar portion. Primarily because this portion is Scenario based... so the only way I can think of to try to get a character to do the necessary tasks is to use followpaths and interactwithnpc actions... which, if it is the only way, is the only way. But, I am curious if anyone who knows what I am talking about, has any other ideas. Please share :D If you feel so inclined as to try to throw together some sort of profile for me to look at (you would be an amazing human-being for such) I am trying to get it to go from: Picking up quest from Khad'gar Interacting with the Portal to Exodar (haven't figured this out yet) Running to and Interacting with Velen Etc. Thanks for reading and look forward to any responses.
  9. TNRakkGamer


    Hey guys! I have seen a lot of questions posed but not a lot of answers about the matter... In my quester profile, what is the best way to have my char. use his/her hearthstone after completing a step. In my particular instance I have to run to place A then place B then kill mob X and return to Dalaran (use hearthstone) I have the first three steps as 3 separate quests, just dunno how to do the next part (use hearthstone) Thank you!
  10. TNRakkGamer

    Azsuna "The Consumed"

    I am also having a problem once I get back to Azurewing Repose. You have to heal the dragons and one of them is in the cave, when I put the location in for it the bot ran way up and around and on top of the location... not straight into the cave? I tried to fix this with a FollowPath operation, but it hangs at the end of the Operation waiting for some sort of quest update or complete or whatever it may be doing. I have some C++ knowledge as well as other various languages. Is there somewhere I can read up on Syntax within the bot? I feel like this may help me with trying to figure out WTF I am doing... What I am needing here (as well as earlier with the whole Interact with the Withered Guy then follow him) is to know how to create a Quest Operation, have it run. Then have it move on without any kind of checks or anything. For instance, Interact with said guy, then move onto FollowPath (it gets hung at interact because interacting doesn't actually update the quest). Same thing here, I need to FollowPath, then move onto UseItemOn (It gets hung at FollowPath because it doesn't actually update the quest in anyway. BUT! I absolutely fixes the issue of running up the hill and jumping around endlessly)
  11. TNRakkGamer

    Azsuna "The Consumed"

    Alright. New Question :D I am trying to do the Disable the Mana Pylons, I thought I was slick just looking up the SpellID for Release Whelplings and creating a UseSpellOn Quest Entry... I was not... I am going to have to try to do a Main Action Button or whatever that is called, and then click the ground at the base of the Pylons... anyone have any advice on this before I pull my hair out? I am sure this is going to require some C# as I don't know how you would do it with the default options...
  12. TNRakkGamer

    Azsuna "The Consumed"

    Ah, thank you. That is in Advanced Settings, I rarely visit that. I will check later to see for sure if this worked. Thanks again.
  13. TNRakkGamer

    Azsuna "The Consumed"

    So that I do not CLOG up the Forums, I am going to go ahead and post another question here, if no one sees it in a few days I will post elsewhere. I am trying to add a quest that requires you kill two NPCs, not much trouble at all, the only problem is when the bot got to the second NPC someone was already attacking it so he looped (a short distance) back to the first NPC then back to the second... this is a no-go as they are very close to one another and it is pretty damn easy to tell something fishy is going on... What do I need to do to make the Bot attack EITHER NPC regardless of whether they are in combat...
  14. TNRakkGamer

    Azsuna "The Consumed"

    Hey guys, I am having a hard time with a certain quest in Azsuna. Quest name is "The Consumed" I need to loot Crystals and then use the items they give on the little Mana-Drained Whelplings... I tried doing two seperate Operations, GatherCrystals and then The Consumed... but my guy never once attempts to gather the Crystals... Can anyone try to point me in the right direction on this? It is one quest that contains a Gather and then Use Item On operation... EDIT: I have managed to get my guy to grab one of the Crystals, using Gatherer, now he will not move forward from that step... I think it has something to do with using the same QuestID Twice, but if I dont use any quest ID it will not grab the Crystal at all... EDIT: Okay, I think the problem is that the Dim Ley Crystal does not actually go into your bags so the bot is never seeing that as complete. Anyone know if I need to choose something other than Gatherer here? How do I work around this fact? EDIT: Alright, I don't know why it worked... but when I put the 1 into Objective Count 2... it looted the Crystal and Magicaly went off on its own... So... That happened :D For anyone following this hoping for some answers as well. I made two "Quest Entries" for "The Consumed" the first was a Gatherer with an Objective Count 2 value of 1 and the other was an "Interact with NPC" with an Objective Count 1 value of 10
  15. Hello all. I am planning on starting work on some Questing Profiles. I plan to build one for each zone in Legion eventually as @BetterSister is on hiatus. In the meantime however, what methods have you all been using to level your alts from 100-110? I had some luck with skinning on my Hunter and just letting him grind it out for a few days, and had a little less luck with my Demon Hunter with Herbalism and Mining and just letting him grind it out for a few MORE days... Anyone care to offer any advice on some alternative methods?