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What's the maximum 'Buff' conditions you can have on one ability?


I found that my entire sub rotation breaks if I go from 2 buff conditions on backstab to 3 buff conditions.


Conditions are: -


Buff: Stealth

Buff: Shadow Dance


Buff: Subterfuge (108208)


It works with the first 2, as soon as I include subterfuge the rotation refuses to use the ability anymore.


Any ideas?


EDIT: It doesn't appear to be an issue with the amount of buff conditions. It seems to be a problem with 'Subterfuge'. I can use stealth and shadow dance as 2 just fine but if I replace stealth with say subterfuge it breaks the entire ability.


Any ideas what this could be? Subterfuge doesn't appear to have any other names.

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Nevermind I found a solution regardless.


Stealth is actually up once Subterfuge begins and ends, never actually realised that until now. I assumed breaking out of stealth and triggering Subterfuge cancelled stealth but it remains so, yup lol problem solved!

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