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Hotspots don't work


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No matter what I do I can not get it to register a hot spot

I am in Northshire Valley on a private Server

I have done the following and other varitions:

1. Select Grinder

2. Go to Product Setting

3. Profile Creator

4. Select zone - Elwynn Forest

5. Set levels for character and attack

6. Click others and turn on hotspots

7. Click on path

8. Walk to a spot, click on record path on and off and no x y or z info is recorded

8 walk with record path on and then click off and still no x y z info is recorded


Nothing seems to work



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I'm having the EXACT same issue here... the hot spot. I click hot spot as well and when I 'record path' no coords are recorded on the screen it's just blank. Apparently there is NO fix for this either? @Droidz How do we fix this?

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you are sure that you haven't errors or debugs info in you log file? You have try to reinstall WRobot in new folder? Install required softwares (slimdx and vc++) ?

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