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Relogger Stopping Half of Profiles


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I've been using relogger to run my bots through proxies (proxycap), and I've had an annoying problem...

Everytime I wake up / get back from work, I find that half of the profiles have been "stopped".

I've tested with up to 6 bots at once on the device, with 6 - 3 get stoppe, with 4 - 2 etc. 

Does anyone know what's causing it? The log doesn't provide much help, all I can see is that it initially launched the bots fine, ran them for the set time, then took a break "Wait". But when it came time to wake up the bot and run again, half the time it fails to do so and then just stops the bot?

@Droidz Any ideas?

Log for most recent attempt with just 2 bots:

08:10:20 - Start profile d3.
08:10:20 - Start profile d4.
08:10:20 - Profile d3, Run task[1]: ChangeWowPath (Test 3)
08:10:20 - Profile d4, Run task[1]: ChangeWowPath (Test 4)
08:10:20 - Profile d4, Run task[2]: Run (Quester Test 4)
08:10:20 - Profile d3, Run task[2]: Run (Quester Test 3)
[D] 08:10:20 - Profile d4, running task for 361 minutes.
[D] 08:10:20 - Profile d3, running task for 369 minutes.
[D] 08:10:21 - Profile d4: Launch Wow.
[D] 08:10:30 - Profile d4: Launch bot.
[D] 08:10:38 - Profile d3: Launch Wow.
[D] 08:10:47 - Profile d3: Launch bot.
14:11:21 - Profile d4, Run task[3]: Wait (Test 4)
[D] 14:11:21 - Profile d4 waiting for 66 minutes.
14:19:21 - Profile d3, Run task[3]: Wait (Test 3)
[D] 14:19:21 - Profile d3 waiting for 82 minutes.
15:17:21 - Profile d4 stopped.
15:41:21 - Profile d3, Run task[1]: ChangeWowPath (Test 3)
15:41:21 - Profile d3, Run task[2]: Run (Quester Test 3)
[D] 15:41:21 - Profile d3, running task for 383 minutes.
[D] 15:41:22 - Profile d3: Launch Wow.
[D] 15:41:31 - Profile d3: Launch bot.


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@Droidz You're a god. For some reason I had managed to untick run tasks in loops for every 2nd profile... This is kinda embarassing, thanks for the fix!
(Relogger is such a powerful tool, I'm sad I didn't start using this on day 1, would have saved me hours!)

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