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  1. Maukor contacted me over discord, we ran some test using a custom profile, and it there was no issue. It seems that it happens as an interction between @Bambo's profiles and @Andoido's profiles, both with each other's profiles, and with their own different profiles. If either of the two devs could take a look at it, because it had us stumped :) Thanks!
  2. Running 8 accounts at once. 4 on one profile, 4 are told to run a different profile. all 8 run the same profile. I can run 4 on 1-60 Quester and 4 on Bloodelf Quester, but the 4 on blood elf quester will say they lunched Blood Elf Quester, Wrobot will show Blood Elf quester selected under profile settings, but the profile that is being run is actually 1-60Quester/another profile. Looking in the log, I can see that despite Blood Elf quester being selected, the profile being run is 1-60 Quester. This happens no matter which profiles I try and run simultaneously on the same device. Did that make a bit more sense?
  3. Hi, I've been using relogger a lot and love it, it's amazing how powerful of a tool it is. I just have one problem - It does not handle multiple quester profiles. For instance, If half of my characters are told to run with Bambo's 1-60 Quester and the other half with Bambo's TBC Grinder (which is also a quester profile) then it's likely that all the characters will just use the TBCGrinder profile. Anyone know anything about this? @Droidz My next step would be to add a "change profile" at the start of each character, but that's very tedious when you have a lot of characters... Thanks!
  4. @Droidz You're a god. For some reason I had managed to untick run tasks in loops for every 2nd profile... This is kinda embarassing, thanks for the fix! (Relogger is such a powerful tool, I'm sad I didn't start using this on day 1, would have saved me hours!)
  5. @Ordush Has a great guide called "The Proxy and You" where he shows how to do this. Make sure you're running each client through a different proxy or there's almost no point.
  6. Hi, I've been using relogger to run my bots through proxies (proxycap), and I've had an annoying problem... Everytime I wake up / get back from work, I find that half of the profiles have been "stopped". I've tested with up to 6 bots at once on the device, with 6 - 3 get stoppe, with 4 - 2 etc. Does anyone know what's causing it? The log doesn't provide much help, all I can see is that it initially launched the bots fine, ran them for the set time, then took a break "Wait". But when it came time to wake up the bot and run again, half the time it fails to do so and then just stops the bot? @Droidz Any ideas? Log for most recent attempt with just 2 bots: 08:10:20 - Start profile d3.08:10:20 - Start profile d4.08:10:20 - Profile d3, Run task[1]: ChangeWowPath (Test 3)08:10:20 - Profile d4, Run task[1]: ChangeWowPath (Test 4)08:10:20 - Profile d4, Run task[2]: Run (Quester Test 4)08:10:20 - Profile d3, Run task[2]: Run (Quester Test 3)[D] 08:10:20 - Profile d4, running task for 361 minutes.[D] 08:10:20 - Profile d3, running task for 369 minutes.[D] 08:10:21 - Profile d4: Launch Wow.[D] 08:10:30 - Profile d4: Launch bot.[D] 08:10:38 - Profile d3: Launch Wow.[D] 08:10:47 - Profile d3: Launch bot.14:11:21 - Profile d4, Run task[3]: Wait (Test 4)[D] 14:11:21 - Profile d4 waiting for 66 minutes.14:19:21 - Profile d3, Run task[3]: Wait (Test 3)[D] 14:19:21 - Profile d3 waiting for 82 minutes.15:17:21 - Profile d4 stopped.15:41:21 - Profile d3, Run task[1]: ChangeWowPath (Test 3)15:41:21 - Profile d3, Run task[2]: Run (Quester Test 3)[D] 15:41:21 - Profile d3, running task for 383 minutes.[D] 15:41:22 - Profile d3: Launch Wow.[D] 15:41:31 - Profile d3: Launch bot.
    Mages in general are tricky to level compared to other classes. However, if you want a mage, this fightclass is pretty beast. Can handle all your food needs, can juggle two mobs with sheeps, kites with frost / blink, smart use of mana gem etc. I've played the mage class heavily over the years, and this incorporates almost all of the best practice for mage playstyle. I'm defnitely a fan of this FC, Schaka (Matenia) always releases top tier content.
  7. @singley Just making sure, you're not renaming Wow.exe, you're copy pasting "Wow.exe" getting a "Wow - Copy.exe" and then you're changing the name of "Wow - Copy.exe" to "1 Wow.exe" right? If not, try that out?
    Levelled perfectly once i put it on the ship. However the pathing to the ship is pretty broken, it got stuck under it on every toon i tried it on. -> Start the profile on the ship and it's amazing :)
    Flawless, anyone serious about botting on Wrobot should be running this if they expansion allows for it. It's amazing how much this plugin helps, fully agree with everything said in the other reviews.
    Easy to set up and understand, allows full customization and works flawlessly. AND it's free! One of my must have plugins.
    I've seen this bot juggle 5 mobs wit perfect use of dots/fears/voidwalker sacrifice, honestly plays better than I can, it's amazing to watch, one of the best fight classes I've ever seen, handsdown.
    Handles in combat healing, bubble-healing / stun-healing, stunning to double judgement of command damage etc. Adapts prefectly to the talent build, I would have trouble seeing how this could be improved, I'm a big fan.
    Once you hit 20 and get cat form this fight class seriously takes off, it handles aggro perfectly, the dps rotation is on point, there's almost never downtime just due to how well it manages resources. Out of the many fight classes I've tried, this ranks either as the best or one of.
  8. On the proxy website itself, I dont use Nordvpn so I dont know their settings, but proxyforyou for example defaults the proxy to HTTP (which is useful in making the account on the same IP) but then proxycap for example requires a Socks5 to run the client, otherwise it gets stuck in connecting. Was wondering if yperhaps your issue may have been due to this, but Idk :)
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