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Back to Billy won't turn in quest


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at "back to billy" there is no info. 

also for a complete condition you can use this

// set you're quest id and set you're item id and amount. once thats done add to complete condition.
return (Quest.IsObjectiveComplete(1, ID) && ItemsManager.GetItemCountById(ID) == 1); 



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33 minutes ago, JWalton85 said:

Thanks @The Smokie. I really i appreciate it.

The quest is just to carry an item over, so I don't think there is any "info" that I need to add?

I'll try modifying and using the code you suggested for the complete condition, thank you.

if its just a delivery quests then make change quest objective to false (there isnt any quest objective so you can just turn in. sorry i didnt know there was no objectives.)


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