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My first fight class profile (MM)


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Here is Version 2


Please tell how you like it



It is a PVP profile for marksmanship PVP (2 vs 2)
Maybe I can have someone help you. Get the profile shit if it's done in the Fight Class Forum, upload because there is not yet something.
Sorry for my bad english.

Have the current profile as notes

Hunter Marksmanship 1.2.xml

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1 - Not sure what's wrong here. It is low down in the priority but I guess your Wrobot is in German because what I see is 'Die Vögel' under 'Is Spell Usable' for the spell A Murder of Crows. Do you just want it to cast before everything else when it is available?


2 - You need to use a few conditions here I think. First would be to make sure you have Trap Launcher buff (so you can target your aoe properly). Then set 'AOE Spell' to true under spell settings. This will throw explosive shot to your current target. I haven't tried it, it might be slightly different because of the Launcher buff you need in order to fire traps to range.


3 - I can't see steady shot in your rotation. But that should just have a Buff condition - name: Steady Focus (if this is the correct buff name, not sure haven't played Marksmanship in ages) and value set to False. So that way once you have the buff Steady Focus it will stop using Steady Shot.

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