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getting stuck in Dread Wastes


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I've already blacklisted like 5 places where it happens, it's only in dread wastes, after the bot fights a mob. Then she just sits there like I'm afk, and i have to hearth and restart it. Here is the end part of the log:


10:04:26 - Player Attacked by Kor'thik Havoc (lvl 90)
[F] 10:04:27 - Cast Dark Soul (Dark Soul)
[F] 10:04:28 - Cast Curse of the Elements (Curse of the Elements)
[F] 10:04:29 - Cast Corruption (Corruption)
[F] 10:04:30 - Cast Agony (Agony)
[F] 10:04:31 - Cast Unstable Affliction (Unstable Affliction)
[F] 10:04:33 - Cast Haunt (Haunt)
[F] 10:04:34 - Cast Drain Soul (Drain Soul)
edit: this is for the gatherer btw, i was mining
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i figured out why. it's because my toon sometimes gets a stuck in combat bug after killing a mob, so she can't mount up again, therefore just sits there


I cannot fix this problem with WRobot, this is due at wow server.
What profile do you use?
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