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[Resurrect] Player dead Spam & Unable to resurrect

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I have been using the bot for a few days now.

Since yesterday, I haven't been able to resurrect in The Barrens nor Thousand Needles.

It gets stuck on talking with Spirit Healer, the confirmation window about Ress Sickness pops up and the bot closes it and initiates the talk with Spirit Healer again.

Multiple graveyards, not just a certain one. This loops goes on and on.


It doesn't even try to corpse run. Even after session's first death, it tries to ress at Spirit Healer.

I don't want this behavior. I only want it to try ress if it has died like 5 times in 15 minutes.


Attached is two screenshots on wRobot settings and one of Human Master Plugin settings.

Nothing else control Spirit Healer behavior AFAIK on my end currently.


Maybe there's something in the log? I can't find the culprit in my settings.


EDIT: I'm playing on Dragonblight EU, WotLK 3.3.5a.




12 Jun 2019 22H05.log.html

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hello mate,

Spirit ressing in WOTLK is broken  since quite some time now. You have to deactive "use spirit healer if chain dying" in HMP.  @Droidz can fix it maybe, before then you cant use it.


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Thanks for the reply.


Yeah, after I posted this I troubleshooted it with my friend and came to the conclusion that for reason XYZ ressing at spirit healer just doesn't work currently.

So I've disabled it since.


Hopefully it can get fixed in nearby future.

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