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If Spell Reflect active don't use shield bash


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if (!ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff("Shield Reflect") && whatever conditions you may want)
      Lua.LuaDoString("CastSpellByName('Shield Bash')");

this should do the trick.


also you can use this code for ranking Shield bash 

Lua.LuaDoString("CastSpellByName('Shield Bash(Rank #)')");


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I'm incredibly new to coding and don't know where to put this in the fight editor.

Does this disable shield bash if shield reflect is active?

Thank you Smokie, bw I've joined your discord server.

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There should be a option to use C# code in fightclass editor (Sorry i havent really ever touched fightclass editor.)

if you wanna make a big step into learning how to write you're own fightclass outside of Fightclass editor, use @Marsbar Guide. Its one of the best and it help me get started.  (if you need any help, you are on my discord so dont hesitate to ask me or Tala for help.)


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Thanks for the swift reply Smokie,

Definitely excited to jump into Marsbar's tutorial and will be doing so this week. I hope to be able to contribute something to the community. Catch you on Discord ?

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