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[WOTLK] Get World Coordinates From Map Coords

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Hello guys,

i wanted to ask how i can get World Coords from Map Coords + Zone?
i just found the Lua Function: GetWorldLocFromMapPos but it was introduced with patch 5.0.4 or so, so does not work with 3.3.5a.

Do someone have any idea?


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        //somehow (ObjectManager.Me.Position.Y - x1) / (x2 - x1) is the character's on-map X position (notice the Y)
        //reversing that formula, you can get playerX (world position) based on all y values, it's utterly confusing and makes no sense to me
        private Vector3 CalculateMapCoords(string luaUnit)
            float mapX = Lua.LuaDoString<float>([email protected]"
                local x, y = GetPlayerMapPosition('{luaUnit}');
                return x;
            float mapY = Lua.LuaDoString<float>(@"
                local x, y = GetPlayerMapPosition('{luaUnit}');
                return y;

            return CalculateFromMapPosition(mapX, mapY);

        private Vector3 CalculateFromMapPosition(float mapX, float mapY)
            var x1 = 2041.67f;
            var x2 = 895.833f;
            var y1 = 1627.08f;
            var y2 = 862.5f;

            var playerX = -mapY * y1 + mapY * y2 + y1;
            var playerY = -mapX * x1 + mapX * x2 + x1;
            return new Vector3(playerX, playerY, PathFinder.GetZPosition(new Vector3(playerX, playerY, 100)));

Coordinates in there are hardcoded for warsong gulch. It's up to you to adjust this 

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