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Looking For - Modified Shadow Dance Activation


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What I want is to have Slice and Dice and Rupture on the target both with at least 10 seconds remaining before Shadow Dance activates.


Remember that with my rotation most of my key CP building abilities and finishers will not work whilst Shadow Dance is available so that it fake pools in order to use it properly.


What happens currently is the second Shadow Dance is available it ignores any conditions set by my rupture and slice and dice so they stop refreshing and I end up going into Shadow Dance and refreshing both Rupture and Slice and Dice. Obviously this is a loss (since Shadow Dance is only an 8 second buff - this is potentially 2/3 seconds wasted on globals). Now it doesn't always happen, it's just random and timing based but when it does happen it's quite a big loss.


Anything I try basically stops my rotation because I can't generate CP's the second it comes off cd. Maybe a form of lua script to replace the 'is spell usable - shadow dance'. I'm really not sure.


Bugreporter / Droidz - anyone else... can you think of anything I can do to work around this? Would much appreciate it.


If you need anymore information about my rotation just ask and I'll get back to you asap.

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Sorry, my profiles are not rotation based, they work with the given situations, based on a priority list. In this case I never check energy, because it's never nessessary. If a spell is usable, and all given conditions are given, I use it. There is maybe a spell with more dps, but this spell is not ready in this moment or a condition is not set, or the priority is lower. And waiting in a fight is never a good idea.



You will never get the perfekt profile or fights. There are so many buffs, that will modify our spells and/or dps and/or energy .

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My profile is heavily reliant on conditions and then loosely the priority list as well.


Like my other post you have to wait for Shadow Dance. I'm not talking a long while, but the nature of the spec means you have to wait to use Shadow Dance a couple of globals that's all.


Looks like I'm screwed then. I'll just keep it as it is.

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