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Can't start wrobot after the update


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I can't start wrobot after the recent update. I have 3 computers with 10 sessions but with same ip address. I've tried to reinstall, restart, turn off firewall & antivirus, scan malware & virus but still not working on all of my computers. 2 hours ago I could login only on 1 acc but after I started the second one, I got these errors. Now I can't even login with any account.

Note : Don't ask for logs because I even can't start the program.


wrobot error.jpg

Wrobot error 2.jpg

Wrobot error3.jpeg

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WRobot has not had an update for a long time.
I think if there is a problem there is on your side, look in the "Logs" folder if the bot has time to create one (if yes share it).
If you use a proxy try to disable it (and close all unnecessary software)

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I've tried with vpn few hours ago but no luck. It stuck on connecting. I'll try again tomorrow


I've already reboot my modem & router but the problem still occur. I still can't login to wrobot.

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