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move character during combat


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I have gone through the forums and cannot find a solution to this - there was some discussion about avoiding cone-like attacks from mobs etc, but no real resolution.


So I tried to go around cone attacks by enabling a macro that basically does : "strafe right" a few times every 3 seconds. This solves the problem at hand. However, there is no option for the macro to only do this during combat. The available options are:


"Press key only if not casting"

"Press only if not in combat"

"Press only if not Mount"


I want to "Press only DURING combat"


is there a workaround to this?


Any help greatly appreciated.


Thank you




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i have similar "problem", how do we solve these? mobs cast something on the ground, but bot just stands in that and takes dmg. It would be nice to strife left ,right, up , down. to avoid those things, and it looks much more "player like" playing if you rune around mobs. Cud that behavior be added in next patch for mob fighting.. like it uses in BG?

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But if i start wrobot, i cant use grinding option.Or am i missing something? 
i was thinking of making a plug in .lua to make him move like that, every 3sec, randomly up,down , left or right .. and to jump around the target sometimes.. But, it looks like my programing skills are not good enough for that.

Is it possible for you to make that modification to character behavior in next patch??

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