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gathering problems/bugs


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I hate it that I can't paste from my log, can't paste at all in the forums... Anyone know why???

In any case , I am attaching a .txt file with the portion of the log I am talking about.


I am gathering in Townlong Steppes and one of the herbs the gatherer is trying to pick up is "Violet Citron", except when I mouse over it doesn't even show as an herb you can loot. Whats going on??? of course as you can see th log says farm successful, but the toon never picks anything up.


Very often too, the toon stops gathering anything at all , just stops and a node and then mounts back up ...







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Ha, that might be... I had the "Use lua to move" but I turn it on/off for testing so it might have been off. The one thing I found out is that "Violet Citron" is supposed to show up on your looking for herbs mini map, even though it's not an actual farm-able herb. The herb is gathered for a quest, I believe. I also have Carbonite add-on which is pretty resource consuming, I will play around with it. Thank you for the prompt response.

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