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Need Assistance with SIMPLE travel / go-to profiles


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Over the past couple of days ive been scouring the forums trying to find a  way to simply have my blood elf walk to silvermoon use the ORB to undercity then hop on the zeplin to org to reach the orc starter zone to quest there. I have seen some profiles similar to what im trying to do here ( taxi from the belf starter zone to orc starter ) that interface with the quester product but cant get mine working for the life of me. What would be the most efficient way to get started in doing this? I'm not asking for spoon fed info just the basics just a nudge in the right direction on what i should be editing in easy profile creator etc have tried to backwards engineer some similar premade profiles from the forums with no luck.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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22 minutes ago, Matenia said:

Andoido has free profiles for UC to OG etc. Take a look at how it's done.

Much Appreciated will review some of his stuff to see if i can backwards engineer some of the methods into my own profiles. Any other suggestions are still welcome though

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I had Andoido's undead to orc profile at one point but cant find it for the LIFE of me still looking to use it as an example. If anyone knows where the profile is located i would greatly appreciate it!






EDIT: FOUND THE PROFILE for undead to orc starting area HIDDEN IN THE QUESTER TBC SECTION OF THE IN-BOT PROFILE DOWNLOAD SYSTEM just for reference for others looking for examples to make travel profiles.


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