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Bugging Mailbox / To Town


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Hey guys,

i have a problem i can´t fix. I read everything i found on the forum, but nothing worked for me.

In the beginning it worked fine, but at some point the bot stopped to send mail.


He goes to the vendor to sell items and is going back to farm. (even with only 10 free slots)

In the log is written, that he also want to send mail, but he don´t do it.

When he is at the vendor and the bags are full he just stays there and do nothing.

If i stop then the bot and start it again (without any hange), he send mails and it works fine, but only for this time.

After the bags are full again the same issue.


Few informations:

- WOTLK Server and Client, HumanMasterPlugin, Miriams 1-60 Profile, Dreamful 1-80 Profile, some other Profiles where mailbox are set (but HMP should always have them automaticly, or?)

- I don´t use addons 

- I tried to deactivate HMP, but nothing changed.

- i tried to use only npcs of the profile and different settings with HMP


I read something about the tab "tools", but i can´t find them.

Does have HMP not have it automaticly?

Could it be possible, that he blacklist mailing, because the Mailbox of the other char was full one time?

I send all white items and have Mining/Herb, does that kill the mailing?



Flightmaster does also have some issues with don´t have the right path, but there i try already with deleting taxi-file.





4 Dez 2019 23H41.log.html

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