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mage rune of power not working


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Cant get mage rune of power to cast on me Its a spell you have to target the ground then click to cast it heals me I want it to cast it before anything else so its healing 

how do i get it to work 


I put the name of the spell as Evocation and still not working 


 so here is what i want the bot to do in a fight but no ideal how to set it up to do it all 


in order 

1.cast Rune of Power  

2.cast Temporal Shield

3.cast Mage Bomb

4.cast Frozen Orb

5.cast Cone of Cold

6.cast Fire Blast

7.Cast Frost Bolt 


I want it to cast Ice Lance   When the frost fingers procs

and want it to cast Frostfire Bolt when Brain freeze procs 



how do i get it to do this all i can get it to do is 

Temporal Shield

Cone of Cold

Frozen Orb

Fire Blast

Frost Bolt


Im not sure what to do and dont know any thing about lua 

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I dont think the other mage files have it eather from what i read any way i can request one or something been looking all day for a way to get it to cast icelance and frost fire bolt only when the procs are up

cant seem to find out how to do it 

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so i got just about everything working learned a little bit about lua last night atleast how to get a lua file to work in wow... But I still have no clue how to set up the bot to only frostfire bolt when brain freeze procs or how to get it to only icelance when frost fingers procs .. everything i have tried has failed i downloaded the mage fighter class files and there not much diffrent then mine seems like it would be easyer to set up. I use to use glider way back in the day. you just customized every spell but about 80% of the spell conditions make no sense to me what so ever. any help would be gratefully appreciated.. 

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use the timer in fightclass creator, make the cooldown timer for each move to set them so that each move will we cast in subsession. Run the rotation you are wanting to cast can count in 1-1000's so that you make the second almost exact to the T, and each time you press a move in the rotation the second you press the me move that will be the timer, do it this way you will end up with more than one or each move but this will cause the bot to run the rotation the right way.

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