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Advanced Settings Window Resizing


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I am unable to make my advanced settings window larger, it's stuck so small I can't read the options / change them. How do I fix this? Thank you!


EDIT* - I fixed it by changing my screen resolution to 1080p. Sorry for creating the thread before researching!

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Found a solution!
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Hello, you can also do step 14: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1381-repairinstall-wrobot/?tab=comments#comment-966


If WRobot window is not display correctly, you  can you try to Right-click on WRobot.exe and then click "Properties". On the "Compatibility" tab, select "Disable Display Scaling On High DPI Settings", and then click "OK" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xS-UCuyq7s ).


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