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Performance issues on Tauri

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Hey all, I'm hoping someone can provide some ideas.  I'm currently using wRotation with a combat routine that I've made.  It does not use framelock at the moment. 


I've run into an issue where when I run any of the LFR raids on Tauri, my WoW client performance is very bad.  The performance is really bad during the first pull of any boss.  My WoW client will be rendering 4-5 FPS and sometimes even lower.  This is with a 980ti and 6700k. 


I believe it's due to the amount of players, pets, and enemies within close proximity to my character.  Has anyone run into this before?

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You can try  to disable your antivirus (Kaspersky caused this type of problem in the past). But it depends a lot on how your fightclass, profile, ... is coded.

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