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gatherer stop


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I prepare a very simple profile just with one point, to keep the character in one specific mena and gatherer here, well, aparently the profile work normally but after sometime gartherer fail, the profice continue in execution but nothing happend. I keep active jump to avoid go AFK.

Here you can see the log file, could you support to me in order to solved this issue?



12 may 2020 08H37.log.html

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Hello, you use old version few fix/options are not available.

It is all time sames nodes? if yes blacklist (zone) is the only solution (or create plugin maybe)

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Sorry but this is incredible, I want to do one stupid thing may, but I want to keep the char in one node mining each time that node apear and its imposible... I dont understand because yesterday the profile that I prepared was working, stoping but working, today NO, why??? frustrating...

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