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Prospecting not starting [TBC]


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Hello.  I am trying to prospect some Adamantite Ore and Fel Iron Ore automatically on the bot, but it is not fully starting.  I Have entered the ore names etc into the advanced settings for prospecting and in many different ways but it will still not start.  I also disabled all addons etc and relogged on the account and Wrobot.  I'll post a picture of my settings and the logs generated.   Hopefully I am just dumb and missed something.  My JC is level 325 and I am able to prospect those ores manually.  Any additional info I can provide if asked for.


01:19:46 - [Prospecting] In progress
[D] 01:19:46 - [Spell] Prospecting (Id found: 31252, Name found: Prospecting, NameInGame found: Prospecting, Know = True, IsSpellUsable = True)
01:19:46 - [Prospecting] Finished.
01:19:47 - Session statistics:


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