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Mage adding wand and condition for use

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Hello . I tryed to modify this profile to add wand. I added and work but the bot keep spam frostbolt even if no mana and i tryed to add a conditionto use frostbolt only if mana <=25% but dont work.and to use wand if mana is less than 15% or no mana for vanilla

Any help ?


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Line 82, you're casting a spell (wand) in a method that is only supposed to define a state.

Line 422, you're casting wand in a method that is supposed to be a trigger for the Frost nova / Frostbite debuff.

The Pull() method is never called anywhere.


I've only had a quick glance at the FC and there seems to be a lot of issues on this one. Also, the overall structure of the code is pretty confusing and unnecessarily complicated. You should try to make it simpler and cleaner. I'd advise you check @Marsbar's tutorial on how to create a fightclass. You would most likely be better off starting from scratch instead of trying to fix this one. 

If you need further inspiration, you can also check https://github.com/Wholesome-wRobot/Z.E.TBC_AllInOne_FightClasses/tree/master/Wrobot/Z.E.FrostMage

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