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1. Has anyone gotten banned by using the rotation bot in raids or bg's?

2. Is there a 64 bit version of of this rotation bot that will work with my 64 bit pc and windows 7 64 bit?

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At this time there is no 64bit version. To run the 32bit version of wow just go to the directory and delete the wow-64bit.exe. And running the Rotation bot while you are moving the charactor is the best way to do the LFR rotation bot. Do not let the bot move you for you... this is so you can change targets freely as you need to, and Move the toon out or into areas that you see fit all while the bot is running your rotation. I would also create your own persoanl rotation to fit your play style.

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Of course people have been banned. Not specifically by this bot but by PQR and other rotation bots. Currently most bots are going through a difficult time with PQR, I don't know why specifically but. Rotation bots atm work. I'm just not 100% sure if they are safe to use. I don't really use them. I just watch forums.

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