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[HELP] Affected by certain spell


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So, I'm trying to make my bot react using OnFightLoop when I get hit but certain spell but I cannot find a way.

Currently, for the debuffs I use:


Which it works well, but is there a way to know if the bot is affected by certain spell that doesn't apply a debuff?

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2 hours ago, Droidz said:


The better is to use lua for that

Hello, thanks for your answer, could you give me a small example?

And can this be combined with CSharp?

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Let's say the character has been afected by certain AOE spell, then I want to move to stop receiving damage. I'm doing it currently for spells like Blizzard, but again, with AOE spells that dont have a debuff I don't really know how to do it.

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I couldn't give a code that works, people here are more specialized in that. But I think you should look at the lua event side (wManager.Wow.Helpers.EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaStringWithArgs)

Run this code to dump lua event in wrobot log:

wManager.Wow.Helpers.EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaStringWithArgs += delegate(string eventid, List<string> args)
        //if (eventid != "COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED" && eventid != "COMBAT_LOG_EVENT")
        //    return;

        var argsString = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
        var first = true;
        foreach (var a in args)
            if (first)
                first = false;
                argsString.Append(" , ");

        robotManager.Helpful.Logging.Write("[L] " + eventid + " > " + argsString.ToString());
    catch { }


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