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Authenticate Your Intellectual Property


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I stumbled across a website the other day, while looking for an alternative to Rocketr to process payments, and validate plugins, fight classes, etc.
when I found, cryptlex (Powerful software licensing API).


Easily generate license keys and validate them in your software apps. Additionally, you can offer trials, subscriptions, node-locked licenses, floating licenses and much more.  -cryptlex.com

Quick Start

Using LexActivator with C#

After working with the code a bit, I wanted to share a demo project, along with a demo product online, as well as license keys if anyone would like to test it out for themselves.
This project may have bugs and may not work 100%. I am hoping if other programmers check out the code they can offer ideas, comments, and even
constructive criticism using this method.

There is a "WRobot" directory in the attached zip file that stores the files required to run the LexActivator C# wrapper as well as the plugin and the product.dat file.
Extract the files into their appropriate directory.



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