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Random critical errors


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Hey there,

I'm playing on a 2.4.3 client. Sometimes the client crashes. This happens only while I'm botting. I attached a screenshot of the error window and a log of a session where the critical error appeared.

I have no addons activated, use 32bit client and have the whole pre-requirements installed.

I hope someone can help me ? 


Ty in advance!

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So I tried a few things:

  • Fresh clean tbc client
  • Fresh WRobot install w/o any plugins
  • Several profiles
  • Several fight classes
  • Using DX Hook version of the WRobot.exe

The bot runs only a few minutes (max ~30ish) and then my WoW closes, but WRobot stays open.

The last two logs are attached. Oh and I should mention that the crashes from original post only occured after some hours (mainly when I was sleeping or working). The "new" shutdowns/crashes happened after just a few minutes as you can see in the logs ?

So actually I'm unable to use WRobot :sad:


28 Sep 2020 19H19.log.html 28 Sep 2020 19H07.log.html

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