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Vendor Problems


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Hey everybody :)

i got a problem with the vendor, i downloaded a profil named Mogu- Vale, its a grinding profile, the profil itself is very nice just u have to add mail and vendor by your self.
i added a vendor and mail and i dont know why but he just fly to another vendor in vally of the four winds instead of use the one i have set in the shrine of the seven stars...i remember , i set that vendor in an level grinding profil but thats a different profil. He use the mailbox i added its just the vendor and i dont know why he fly to the other one.. any1 how knows what to do??

cheers :)

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Hmm i tried something i set in NPC DB the vendor  from vally of the four winds as NONE and now i just go to the onein the shrine of the seven stars but why?? i dont get it :D

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Hello again ;)

i removed all npc from NPC database and added the guy from the tundra mammoth and its working now! but another problem came up... i removed everything , the mailboxes too, so i added a new one in the profile, but he doesent use it. the bot sells and repairs now but dont mail anything, the strange thing to it is that if my bags was full and i stand next to the mailbox i added and started the bot, he used it, but not if i am in the zone where i farm. The log says then mailbox not found. I also set the searchrange to 2000 but its still the same, What do i wrong??

greetz Urgrylls

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Hmm no answer anymore??
i dont know why but now the bot got issus with the Moomoth, its really strange...i started the bot near the mailbox again and all was working fine. (with full bags, he mailed and repair, and sold, just as intended)
but if he is in the location of farming nothing works.. :(
He sell itmes but didnt repair, cuz he choose the wrong guy from the mammoth (thats even not in the profil or NPC DB?!) and he still dont go to the mailbox, does no one know how to fix this?? This profil is allmost not useable like this :/


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Can you give me the name or wowhead link of the repair npc (of the mammoth)?


You can increment search distance (search of mailbox and npc vendor/repair) in tab "General Settings" > "Advanced ..." > tab "Others..." > "Npc/Mailbox Search Radius"

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