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randomly just flys off into ocean...


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sometimes while gathering it will go fine for hours and sometimes 10mins or 2 hours into it(random times not specificly 10min and 2hours) it just starts flying in a direction and goes till it gets in middle of ocean and dies to fatigue then keeps running back to body but dying cause of how far out my body is, any reason why it would randomly just fly in a direction and not stop for anything?

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It just happened again, its more like the bot just turns off and my character just keeps going in the direction hes moving when it randomly shuts off. Now when i get back to my computer and look my char is either running into a wall or flying off into the ocean somehwere but the bot still says its running(the 'play' button looks like a square so i can stop it) but if i hit stop and play again it fixes it self but i sometimes like to leave it going for a while and not able to check it every 10mins

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15:25:22 - Farm Ghost Iron Deposit > 395.9531 ; 724.9601 ; 145.6598 ; "None"
15:25:30 - Farm successful
15:25:30 - Mounting fly mount Sky Golem
15:25:33 - Farm Ghost Iron Deposit > 454.1337 ; 803.6215 ; 140.2947 ; "None"
15:25:33 - Node stuck - No way to go to it found
15:25:38 - Farm Silkweed > 383.1406 ; 571.8455 ; 146.4745 ; "None"
15:25:43 - Farm successful
15:26:04 - Farm Ghost Iron Deposit > 87.09896 ; 766.4479 ; 151.8979 ; "None"
15:26:12 - Farm successful
15:26:12 - Mounting fly mount Sky Golem
15:26:31 - Farm Ghost Iron Deposit > -255.5382 ; 886.375 ; 168.2854 ; "None"
15:26:39 - Farm successful
15:26:39 - Mounting fly mount Sky Golem
15:27:19 - Farm Green Tea Leaf > -256.5504 ; 1199.865 ; 166.0104 ; "None"
15:27:23 - Farm successful
[N] 15:27:24 - Load finish: C:\Users\Cory\Desktop\WRobot\Meshes\HawaiiMainLand\HawaiiMainLand_29_33.tile
[N] 15:27:24 - Load finish: C:\Users\Cory\Desktop\WRobot\Meshes\HawaiiMainLand\HawaiiMainLand_30_33.tile
[N] 15:27:24 - Path Count: 9
15:27:24 - Farm Ghost Iron Deposit > -313.0417 ; 1249.882 ; 164.1502 ; "None"


**this is last little bit that happened when i came back and my char was walking into wall, i manually turned him and he kept running in a straight line past everything so its like nothing was working i had to hit 'stop' button then 'play' button to get it going again

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