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Player Teleported


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[D] 01:56:03 - [Security] TP: 3999.539, -3143.978, 304.5492, "Flying" to 4005.802 ; -3009.215 ; 282.6583 ; "Flying" (distance: 162.8133, Speed: 52.3556843057681 yards/sec), Northrend to Northrend
01:56:03 - Player Teleported

any chance this was not a admin trying to catch me?

also is there a way to pause the bot on gm wisper or player teleported the close game option is almost useless most server admins know if you auto log on wisper or teleport ur a bot

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If the bot stopped moving or responded the result wouldn't be better (if everyone used it).
I'm sorry you can't change this behavior with the default options.
The only solution is to create a plugin that manages security and to disable WRobot security options.

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