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How do I semi-control abilities?


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Basically, I'm new to mmorobot, I came from PiroXbot (long ago), so I'm kinda new to the things and that and still checking it out. Seems good, apart from the pet battle issue I have.


The bot likes to use 3-4 times in a row abilities that don't do damage or does it in the wrong order in order to maximize efficiency. For instance, it does Surge of Power of Chromaggus on a pet with 90 Health left or it uses Emerald Presence of the Proto Whelp constantly with no abilities. He doesn't use the Unborn Val'kyr at all until the last and then kills it near instantly.


Normally, this is my rotation:


Round 1: Unborn Val'kyr - Curse of Doom

Round 2: Haunt

Round 3: Lil' Ragnaros - Magma Trap

Round 4: Sons of Flame

Round 5: wait

Round 6: wait

Round 7: Sulfuras Smash

-keep on going until Lil' Ragny dies

Round 10 (for instance): swap to Unborn Val'kyr - Curse of Doom (if not available, use Haunt)

and then Chromaggus with Howl and then Bite or Surge of Power is pet is on high health.


Would that be possible to be scripted inside the bot? It's only used for PvP, so no path has to be done.

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Sorry but there is no easy way to manage abilities rotation for pet battle.
You have two way:
You can add to blacklist the ability ("Abilities at not using" in product settings)
If you know lua and wow api you can write your own abilities rotation (activate option "Starting pet battles but no fighting" and write the code in "Lua code hook..." in product setting)
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