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Gathering stopping prematurely.


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So I have it set to stop when my bags are full. But everytime i've run it, it closes after about an hour. if i'm lucky. I'm not sure what's wrong because i want it to stop on it's own because i like it to farm while i'm at work. It typically only takes 2-3 hours to fill up my bags so i don't want another 5 hours of it trying to farm with full bags. Can i get some help?



16:27:19 - Farm successful
16:27:19 - Mounting fly mount Sky Golem
16:27:22 - Farm Silkweed > -43.6632 ; 1343.795 ; 217.7634 ; "None"
16:27:27 - Farm successful
16:27:27 - Farm Ghost Iron Deposit > 10.02083 ; 1284.816 ; 217.6248 ; "None"
16:57:33 - Farm successful
20:33:20 - Stop Gatherer Complete
This is the ending of the log. the rest of the log is basically just that + it farming some green tea leaf. as you can see it just randomly stop for 3 hours then turns off eventually.
Also my bags are only getting about 1/4 of the way full then it stops running.
EDIT: Also I am using the default VOTFW gatherer profile with the survival hunter by ohren fight class.
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Can you share your full log file (you can found it in "Log" folder and attach file at your post), it is written in it, why bot is stopped.
Check also if option "After xxx min" (in security tab) is not settings at 60min (you can try to install wrobot in new folder, just select your fightclass, profile and "If full Bag" option to get if it is an problem of settings).
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Unfortunately thanks to the new update i redownloaded wrobot and lost the log folder. The entire log looked like the above posted. It was just idle for 3 hours then stopped.

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