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Additional conditions in the profile


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Is it possible to somehow add a script to the quester?


If the action is "pulse"

then "wManager.Setting up wmanagers.Current setting.SecurityPauseBotIfNerbyPlayer = true;" 

if the action "pickup" or "turnin" then "wManager.Setting up wmanagers.Current setting.SecurityPauseBotIfNerbyPlayer = false;" 

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On 2/14/2022 at 8:49 PM, Droidz said:

Hello, in the quest option (base settings) you can use "WhenSelectStep" and "WhenLeaveStep". Or in quests profile steps you can add RunCode steps before and after to pulse your quest

Is it possible to make the stopbotnearbyplayer option turn on near cities and turn off when coming from them?


the function "disable if go to town" is not quite suitable, since quests do not always need to be handed over to a neighboring city.



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