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How to add Mailbox at your profile


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How to add Mailbox


  1. In the "profile creator" tool go to tab "Npc", in game go near mailbox and put your mouse over the mailbox to get the name: post-1-0-33206400-1401093462_thumb.jpg
  2. Write the name of mailbox in WRobot (case sensitive): post-1-0-78801200-1401093463_thumb.jpg
  3. Click on button "Add Target to Npc list...", an item is added in the table: post-1-0-14242800-1401093465_thumb.jpg
  4. If you are outdoor or if you can fly to the mailbox, don't forget to activate option "CanFlyTo" of added line: post-1-0-01175700-1401093466_thumb.jpg

(This works also for add mailbox with "Npc DB" tools, to delete an mailbox just select line and click on key "Del" of your keyboard)

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Not working with custom profile ?

Hello, you can:

Add mailbox directly in custom profile code:

wManager.Wow.Helpers.NpcDB.AddNpc(new Npc {Name = "Mailbox", Type = wManager.Wow.Class.Npc.NpcType.Mailbox, PosX = 0.0f, PosY = 0.0f, PosZ = 0.0f});

You can add mailbox in NPC DB (tab "Tools").


Don't forget to add ToTown state in your profile:

...Fsm.AddState(new wManager.Wow.Bot.States.ToTown { Priority = 6 });


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