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Blacklist after looted? [Quester]

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I wanted to know if there was a setting where I can auto blacklist an NPC after I loot it? At the start of all my scripts I get my bot to RunLuaCode for a macro that turns off Auto Loot, as I have the addon "Magnet" that collects what I need instead of filling my bags with junk. The only issue with this is when running through the zone I have set up, it will loot the mob when it's killed, continue on as per normal then all of a sudden it realises it didn't loot everything so it breaks the routine path to go out of it's way to loot nothing as the addon won't let it and then it just spends the next 5 minutes doing this for every mob I've killed.

If I could blacklist the NPC after it's been looted, doing this for all the npc's in my zone then when it loops back to the first step it would clear the blacklisted NPC's.


Please let me know if something like this is possible, even if I have to write a plugin.

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It is possible, but you'd have to write your own plugin. It would simply subscribe to either wManager.Events.LootingEvents.OnLootSuccessful or  wManager.Events.LootingEvents.OnLootingPulse. The first argument of both handlers being the unit, you can add it to the WRobot blacklist directly from here, or manage your own blacklist.

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