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Guardian Druid

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I'm currently using a mining profile with a guardian druid fight class. The problem I have is that sometimes the ore that I mine gets a mob attacking me, and my druid just hits it in human form with the staff. It does not go into bear form, however if I just click bear form it uses all the bear form attacks correctly. 

Basically the only problem I have is that the fight class doesn't switch form into bear form.

How can I fix this? If you need more info just ask.

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This problem is probably caused by the Fightclass.
Can you try with another fightclass and tell me the name of used fightclass please.



 I was using a fight class by Ohren? I think that was it.


you could try my guardian druid fightclass i have here 

This works perfectly, my guardian is in good gear and this makes farming a lot easier :) 

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