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Is there anyway to get it to heal without being in right click attack stance?

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So when im running healing fight class with wrotation the only way it will activate healing is if i right click an enemy which then puts me in fighting stance. Its not a super big issue untill you get some nerd that wonders what healer actually goes into fighting stance every fight. 

[F] 13:03:47 - [RTF] Casting Chain Heal on Dranzer [936748722493127075]
[F] 13:03:49 - [RTF] Casting Earth Shield on Vipxx [936748722493309181]
13:04:09 - [Fight] Player Attack Ingvar the Plunderer (lvl 72)
[F] 13:04:09 - [RTF] Casting Tidal Force on Raheal [936748722493266201]
13:04:23 - [Fight] Player Attack The Evalcharr (lvl 71)
13:04:24 - [Fight] Player Attack Ingvar the Plunderer (lvl 72)
[F] 13:04:30 - [RTF] Casting Riptide on Raheal [936748722493266201]
[F] 13:04:30 - [RTF] Casting Riptide on Raheal [936748722493266201]


Thats the log what im talking about is it will stand there and watch people die untill your right click and enemy and engage the [Fight]

I have start rotation when combat starts ticked and i also have heal OOC ticked. any reply is much appreciated friends.

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Healbot with the WOTLK version works with the AIO profile but the rest of the healing profiles with asside from holy grail require you to have target and be in combat to initiate the heals.


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Yeah i just have only made Damage class profiles, Im not sure what exactly it is i need to make healing automaticaly activate regardless of being in attack stance. Once i figure it out im just going to make my own.


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