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Pet Swapping and Pet Slot Changes


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Hey guys,


To answer the obvious, yes I saw the This somewhat works for how I'm trying to use the bot, but not fully. Here are my questions:


1) While pet swapping at %health is a great feature, I want to be able to have my pet in Slot 1 do a single action at the beginning of the battle, then immediately swap regardless of health or status. Is this possible? Another possibility would be if it can be added into the script for only reading the %health if it's <level 25?


2) When my Slot 1 pet reaches level 25, or dies at say level 8 with a cooldown still going on Revive Pets, is there a way to have this auto switch pets with a lower level pet in my favorites? PokeRotation for PQR used to do this, and it was extremely handy.


Thanks for your time.

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For change pet after first capacity you can use this script: (I'll look it, but for the moment I haven't added support for use the favorites pets).
Can you give me link to download PokeRotation (PQR can work with WRobot, but I ignore if PQR is yet detected by bliz).
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I didn't realize that was already posted, I'll give that a try tonight and see if it fits the bill.


As for PokeRotation, I don't have the files at this point; I dumped them after the PQR banwave. CodeMyLife on the ownedcore.com forums was the author of that PQI/PQR profile, so he may be the best person to ask for files at this point. I'll see if I can contact him for the files.


Thanks for the help.

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It looks like I would have the same complaint as Bugreporter had in the thread you linked. It worked about 70% of the time of my 2 hour run last night. 


As for a link to PQR/PQI - still no response from the author. I'll post it when he responds. Thanks again.

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