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Wrath Feral Bear profile request

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I have been looking for a feral bear fight class rotation for the private Wrath servers and hopefully Wrath Classic when it comes out.


What I am really looking for is a feral combo profile. I'd like it to not switch the form I manually select. When I bear out, I want it to tank (dungeon/raid/solo). It should swipe like crazy with 2+ mobs, stack Lacerate against a single target, etc. And when I switch to cat it should know if I am behind the target to shred, etc. I am using a feral cat fight class by dida1990 and love it. 

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2 hours ago, Zan said:

FYI WRobot will not work on Classic. 

Ah ok. Either way...I'll be playing Warmane Wrath for at least the next 6 months (maybe longer). It all depends on if some friends come back to Wrath when Classic releases.


So then I'm just looking for Wrath private server Feral Bear fight class...

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