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75/75 Skill, Not Training

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I'm at 75/75 skill, and it is not training and it is also combining fragments and researching or whatever you call it. I would like for it to only combine fragments and research if 600 skill or not maxed (ie 75/75, 150/150) for potential skillups.


How can I achieve this

EDIT: I have "Train New Skills" checked in Advanced General Settings

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I know there is a part you can edit to tell the bot to train the kills but I dont know where it is or how to edit it. But Im sure if you ask driodz they can tell you.

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You need to add npc trainer in your profile like an vendor or repair, just don't forget to select associated type (or in "Npc DB" in tab "Tools").
If Npc is not near your profile don't forget to increment option "Npc/Mailbox Search Radius" in "advanced general settings" tab "Others".
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