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How do I make a Fightclasses into C code Scripting?

Bear T.O.E.

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I am wondering how to make any fightclass into C Code Scripting so I can Program them a lot easier. And is there a way to Make C code Fightclasses into LUA Scripting?

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You cannot use C but you can use C#.net or VB.net for code FightClass.


You can found sample here: 


For use lua, you need to use Lua.LuaDoString("COMMAND", "VAR WITH RETURN VALUE"):

string money = Lua.LuaDoString("money  = GetMoney()", "money");

For an best sample of  fightclass you can look this code: Tnb_CombatClass.zip (it is thenoobbot fightclass, no wrobot, but code is similary).

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