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Both bots standing in front of Remy "Two Times" in gold shire after turning in quests


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I'm running two bots and both are just standing in front of Remy after turning in the gold dust and candle quest. I tried two different questing profiles, and they both end up here and just waiting. Tried restarting as well.



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1 hour ago, Matenia said:

No log file, no clue which questers, no clue if WRobot is potentially trying to vendor and a cropped screenshot.

Figure out what WRobot is actually doing, maybe read your log



Bot is trying to pick up the quest.  It already picked up the quest before.

help 2.png

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3 hours ago, sanelb said:

I figured out by editing quest it and adding it to my quests


its strange if you manually take a quest the bot doesn’t seem to understand that 

That is not strange at all. Stop playing the game on botting character or only use grinders.

Vanilla (and even TBC) are incredibly old. There is no info from the server or game regarding which quests you've already done. It's literally impossible to figure out.

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