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Why won't neither of my bots shoot their wands?


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I downloaded a fight class for a priest and warlock, both of these fight classes have a shoot wand action in their respective fight scripts.  One chooses to melee attack, while the other keeps spamming interrupted. 

edit: I fixed it by adding to the spell "shoot" tool bar. 

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It's vanilla. Every spell needs to be on the action bars and you need to manually update the ranks as you get new ones. That's why I made the effort of writing a whole framework in C# that tries to automate everything.

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Exactly as easy. I published the framework for free on these forums (you can't see, because you don't have a subscription). 
There's even support for Wand (Shoot) and Auto Shot in there, which requires more work.

If you have a fightclass that evaluates fast, you can also get stuck wanding forever and unable to cast spells inbetween, as wanding blocks them.

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