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Quester FollowPath waypoint issue


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I am trying to make my own Quester Profile that basically does the following:

  1. Go inside Naxxramas instance
  2. Walk towards the Archanid Quarter (Right side first)
  3. Go outside the instance
  4. Reset Instance
  5. Go back to step 1


However, I am having issues with step 2 where it always seem to not follow the exact waypoint I made using "Record path" on 1.5 distance between two point.

I have attached a photo for reference. I want the bot to walk on the right side first and finish on the left but for some reason, it doesn't do this 100% of the time. Sometimes, the bot walks on the left side first which triggers the "Go outside the instance" and it ends the loop quicker than expected.

I have tried all sorts of stuff like changing "Interaction distance when launching a fight" to a lower value, disabling attack before being attacked, etc.

Any ideas?

nax wrobot issue.jpg

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